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Christa Rae Pacheco, Edelwize

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Meet Your Teacher, Christa Rae Pacheco

Christa Rae Pacheco is one of the up-and-coming Spiritual Leaders for Enlightenment today. Christa brings new wisdom, a unique life-philosophy, and an empower-others-mindset to the field of higher consciousness and spirituality. She has taught people how to be connected to their true Self and has shared her wisdom with those who are ready to achieve full-spectrum healing, for over 25 years.

Christa has curated the knowledge she received through her connection to her higher Self and her main guide Archangel Michael over the past 50+ years and developed the only all-in-one system for transformation on the market: The EDELWIZE App. Her newest book, THE BLISSFUL FOREVER METHOD, is written for those who are exploring different paths to Enlightenment, and would like to fast track their journey, so they can live an extraordinary life, right here and now.  

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🇨🇭EDELWIZE: Legend has it that the Edelweiss flower became the symbol of Eternal Love when a young man risked his life by climbing the rocky face of a Swiss mountain, to gather a bouquet of these rare flowers for his sweetheart, as a demonstration of his love and courage.

Christa's Mom and Dad got engaged on the Matterhorn and as their lives took many difficult turns, the stage was set for something rare and miraculous to emerge. Much like the Edelweiss flower that grows in rough terrain is known for its medicinal properties, and displays a double star petal formation and up to 500 tiny blooms, Christa’s teachings possess the extraordinary powers associated with the magnificent symbol of her native homeland.

EDEL translates to PRECIOUS and WIZE is the ancient word for WISDOM.

Join a Community of Like-Minded People


You’re moments away from being welcomed by a growing community of like-minded people. When you raise your vibration and reach the highest level of consciousness, something magical happens. 

As your connection to your intuitive intelligence and true Knowing grows, and when you start to look through the eyes of an empowering life-philosophy and heal your Self from within, the very best support and understanding comes from those who have experienced the benefits and challenges you'll face along the path. 

Our Edelwize community is here for you!

New to Edelwize? First Step: Read This Book!


The Blissful Forever Method was written for those who have never heard of Christa or the Edelwize App. 

In this book, you find out exactly where you are on your journey to Enlightenment. If the path you’re on is the right path for you. What an enlightened life looks, feels, and sounds like, and how you can fast track your journey to live your own BLISSFUL FOREVER life, right now and here.

Many of our members, students, and graduates have the desire to surround them Selves with more people who see the world through the eyes of the Edelwize life-philosophy. They wish more people had the tools, and communicate from their true Self, and because this program is so different from anything that’s offered anywhere else, find it challenging to describe the magic they’ve experienced in just a few months. 

This book will help you discern if the Edelwize program is for your highest and greatest good!

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...your Blissful Forever life is the one you'll find right here! It's exactly the same path I my Self and every single member of our Edelwize community has used to create the reality of our dreams. We call it THE BLISSFUL FOREVER METHOD.

Since the dawn of time, people have sought Enlightenment. While in the past, this endeavor only led people to get just a bit closer to living in this blissful state of Being by the time they died, we have evolved enough to drastically speed up the process.

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