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The Blissful Forever Method Book

The Blissful Forever Method Book

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This book is for the 1% of people who are ready for next-level spiritual guidance. The Blissful Forever Method may be the answer to your prayers, show you where you are on your journey to Enlightenment, illustrate that living in a State of Bliss is now possible and what this looks, sounds, and feels like.

The Blissful Forever Method is a full-spectrum, step-by-step healing program too complex and powerful to be shared between the covers of this book. This life-changing method is extraordinarily powerful and exclusively taught on the Edelwize App All-In-One System for Transformation.

By completing several Self-assessments in this book, you’ll define an honest estimate of where your level of bliss is at today. You’ll discover what’s holding you back, take a look at the path that will get you out of this trap, and show you how to conceive a vision of a reality far from what you’ve ever imagined possible. The Blissful Forever Method is your ultimate accelerator to Enlightenment.

Imagine being part of a welcoming global community of people who are deeply connected with their true Knowing, are rich in every sense, have permanently healed them Selves, and experience unconditional love for all sentient Beings.

The discovery of the relation between the human world and the other side is the most important development in human nature. It holds a fundamental significance in the creation of unimaginable potential, bliss, and advancement for the human race. Take time to learn and you will be well rewarded.

Christa Rae Pacheco, Founder of Edelwize

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...if you're one of the 1% of people who are ready to go beyond traditional methods, and who know there's more, this book is for you!

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