Sign of the Times...

Sign of the Times...

As an intuitive with extrasensory perception, I’ve had more than my fair share of ridicule, incendiary opposition, and the occasional invitation to spiritual war fare. I’ve been rejected by big and small publishing companies, accused of malpractice, being a snake oil salesman, and told that what I teach is a nothing but a bunch of made-up baloney. 

The public view on the validity and value of my services was at an all time low in the early 2000’s. The attacks on my persona came as a surprise, and in early days, caused me to doubt my value and standing in the community. I was devastated and lost my sense of Self. The pain of not being enough was excruciating. The grief over the loss of my equal standing and being a valued member of my community made me feel small and insignificant. 😔

I played with the idea of just ignoring my abilities and taking a regular job. I found that I would rather die than be of service in any other way than what I was meant to be and do in this lifetime. I had prepared to be part of the big shift in human consciousness all my life. Our greatest pain creates our greatest passion, and our greatest passion creates our true life’s purpose. Growing up came with a lot of pain and suffering. Being a young adult presented more challenges and maturing into who I am today, certainly brought on new opportunities to grow. 😕

I knew I had a choice. I could either choose to do the work and transform my Self, or give up, hide under a blanket and lick my wounds for the rest of what would be a miserable life. I asked my Higher Self and Inner Guidance to show me how to restore the wounds in my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The tools, perspectives and wisdom were simple and worked wonders for my bruised Self-esteem. Every time I healed a part in my Self, the clarity of who I truly am expanded. It felt like I had been climbing a mountain, stumbling around in the fog for a long time, and then suddenly coming out of the fog, on top of the mountain, clear blue skies, and a brilliant sun letting me see everything for what it really is. It was and remains to be breathtaking. 🤩

The little pushback I get these days makes me smile. It feels like a test. My Higher Self is asking: “Are you ready to claim your rightful place in the community, give a greater audience the insights, tools and techniques that permanently restored you back to your original glory, and teach others to get to the top of the mountain? Or, are you going to continue to shelter in your safe hide-hole?” 😁

Every few years, I would venture down from my mountain to see if the climate had shifted, and then retreat back to my safe space where those who are in alignment and value my contribution have a safe haven to grow and learn. Even if humanity isn't quite ready, it’s time to come out of hiding and assist in the big shift that’s occurring on our planet. It’s time to thank all the naysayers and opposers who have played their roles so well to help me see my own value and understand my own significance in the bigger picture. I have empathy for those who fear the loss of their importance, should someone like me - who has no official qualifications and certifications - be taken seriously. 🥰

I no longer desire to be the best kept secret in town, which is something more than one of my clients has said about me over the years. It’s a disservice to all who can benefit from what I teach, if only a few have access to it. And I’m far from alone. How many of you are healers and teachers of ancient and cutting-edge knowledge and you’ve been staying within your comfort zone to stay safe from ridicule, opposition, and disillusion because you’ll never be getting any kind of recognition, when what you’ve been promoting against all odds for decades, suddenly becomes Self-evident? 🙃

Who here is ready to join our community and create greater effect with less effort? It’s about more than just the notion that there’s safety in numbers. The more of us gather together and come out, the more powerful the effect on humanity and all sentient Beings on Mother Earth will be! Who's with me here? Write: "I'd like to join a community of like-minded people!" below! 💗🐛🦋

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