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Private North Star Reading w/Christa

Private North Star Reading w/Christa

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A private North Star Reading with Christa allows you to dive in and address the individual Metaphysical Reason for any imbalance in your life, experience the mind-blowing accuracy of the Edelwize DNA Scan Healing System, and walk away with a clear understanding of what you need to change to permanently transform your body and Soul back to its original wholeness.


How Does The Edelwize 🧬DNA Scan Healing System Work?

People ask these and similar questions when they first hear of the Edelwize DNA Scan Healing System:

Question: Is the Edelwize DNA Scan a machine? 🤖

Answer: The Edelwize DNA Scan functions as a channel that translates communication from your Soul and relates information stored in the genes that hold aspects related to our emotions, feelings, thought patterns, states of being, beliefs, the roles we play, the attitudes we display, the perspectives we embrace, the behaviors we adopt, and everything else that is a form of expression. 💫

Question: Do I have to send in my DNA – spit, urine or blood – to get results from the Edelwize DNA Scan? 🩺

Answer: The Edelwize DNA Scan gets access to the metaphysical cause of any imbalance in your life through numerical mapping. 💯%

Question: What is numerical mapping? 🧬✨

Answer: The Edelwize DNA Scan consists of numbered lists including Negative Emotions, Archetypes, Chakras, and Meridian aspects. Your Super-conscious knows exactly which thought patterns and emotions held in each of these aspects are causing a particular imbalance you experience in your life and sends the correlating numbers to your conscious awareness. 💫

In essence, your Super-conscious chooses the correlating numbers and points directly to the individual elements that cause the imbalances in your life. There are millions of combinations, and your DNA Scan is intuitively interpreted by Christa, a trained Edelwize Practitioner or Teacher. Christa’s Edelwize DNA Scan Healing System is designed to show you exactly what your Soul desires you to change so you can return to wholeness, and how. 🧬💃



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