#1: What is the fastest way to get started?

Step #1: Read THE BLISSFUL FOREVER METHOD book to make sure this really is for you! My programs are designed for those who desire to become Masters and live in a state of bliss. 🦋

Step #2: Sign up RISK FREE! Apply the knowledge you gain for 30 days, and I guarantee you'll be happy you got started.🤩

Step #3: Sign up for your FREE Discovery Call and get started on fast-tracking your journey to enlightenment and living your Blissful Forever life. 🥳

#2: What is the Edelwize App?

Edelwize is a life-transforming new online training app, introducing a unique system that leads you to the Highest Level of Consciousness, permanent healing, and living in a state of bliss.

You'll discover how to always be connected to your higher Self, gain a life philosophy that will change your life forever, and receive incredibly powerful and highly effective healing methods.

This advanced training gives you the foundation to utilize a groundbreaking healing system - the Edelwize DNA Scan - plus you'll permanently transform pain into glittery diamonds within the first 90 Days...

#3: What’s on the Edelwize App?

From Looking for the Missing Pieces to Permanent Transformation... 

...​and no matter whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned Energy ​Medicine practitioner, the Edelwize App offers you step-by-step training programs that work! If you’d like a taste, start with our FREE Program Intro and Mini Course: Find the Missing Link in the Law of Attraction* - download the Edelwize App! It's FREE!

*Even though you may already be a master manifester, there’s a general belief that’s deeply held in the fabric of our society, that causes the majority of people to miss out on attracting the one thing they most desire in life.

In fact, even the most famous preachers, teachers and Self-help Gurus out there get this one wrong. Centuries of buying into that ONE FALSE BELIEF have been deeply ingrained in our society. It’s been taught in church, school, and in our homes all around the world. This LIE has been indoctrinated into our everyday lives and is promoted as the truth of how the Universe works. It has formed behaviors that are causing the opposite of what you were promised and may be causing you to believe that the Law of Attraction will never work for you.

The Missing Link in the Law of Attraction is something so simple, you’ll be shocked it’s been overlooked all this time! 
Download the Edelwize App on the App Store and get access to our “Program Intro” and “The Missing Link in the Law of Attraction” for FREE. It’s free so you can see if what you can learn in short time on the Edelwize App resonates with you! 
This is a very small example of ALL you'll find as you explore the intermediate and advanced Edelwize App courses.


You’ll find out exactly where you are on your journey to enlightenment, if the Edelwize path is right for you, and what makes it possible for you to create your own Blissful Forever life within a few months, from your favorite armchair, and at your own pace.

About the book: 


Inside my book, The Blissful Forever Method, you’ll discover what I found to be the most effective method to permanently transform the pain and suffering caused by negative experiences, and fast-track your journey to enlightenment, so you can live your Blissful Forever life right here and now.

Discover the cornerstones of this method, the secrets, and the philosophy I’m about to share, and apply them your Self...

...or follow along as I reveal the exact method our Edelwize community members use to attain the highest level of consciousness and create your own Blissful Forever life, long before life has passed you by.

#5: WHO does the Edelwize App work for?

This works for you if you're actively looking for:

  • Spiritual and physical healing

  • Life-changing methods

  • A deep, constant connection to your higher Self

  • A transformative life-philosophy that resonates with you

  • Non-traditional techniques 

  • Drug-free healing from within your Self

  • Permanent transformation 

  • Attaining the highest level of consciousness

  • The freedom to live your Blissful Forever life

#6: Will the Edelwize App work for me?

The Edelwize App works...

  • No matter if you’re a student, coach, or teacher

  • No matter if you’re just getting started or are a seasoned Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • No matter if you work in a regular job or are just in it for your own Self-development

  • No matter if you’re an Intuitive Healer, a Business Owner, Parent, New Energy Human, or CEO...

#7: What if I’m afraid of yet another disappointment?

You need the Edelwize App if you’re tired of...

 Feeling limited in your ability to grow: ​Why are traditionally taught beliefs and methods so ineffective? Fact is, that 99 out of 100 Healers are stuck in repeating the same old mistake of covering up symptoms or lack the knowledge to permanently transform pain and suffering. 💔

Feeling disappointed with traditional healing methods: The majority of practices you've learned are designed to help you cope, deal with, or distract you from your pain. Even if you get temporary relief, the pain keeps coming back. You know there's more and feel limited. 🤔

Feeling alone in the awareness that there’s more: You've already gathered many gold pieces and would love to find a way to receive the knowledge that adds the missing pieces, integrates everything into a life-philosophy that sounds and feels true to you, and learn a healing system that causes permanent transformation. 🔑

#8: Does training with the Edelwize App = time?

You’ll finally find the time... to get the training you need to have a powerful impact on your own and other’s wellbeing, have the knowledge to cause permanent transformation, and enjoy living a blissful life as a byproduct of living with an enlightened mindset… so you can create your own reality with ease, build or expand the effect you have in the world, live in a state of bliss, and be fully present with your family and loved ones. ⏰

Build life-changing habits... You'll discover how to always be connected to your higher Self - no matter where you are or what you're doing. You'll gain a life-philosophy that will change your life forever, receive exclusive cutting-edge formulas and methods to permanently transform fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, gain a deep understanding of your true value, and turn pain into glittery diamonds, in the first 90 days alone. 🦋

Find all the missing pieces... Imagine how much time you will save when you decide that you're ready to STOP seeking and START realizing. Have you been taught methods, techniques, and programs that only help to a degree or for a moment, because they "cope," "deal with," or "distract" you from your pain and only scratch the surface? Are you ready to find the missing pieces and gain the intelligence that creates a reality you love? 🧩💡

Using the Edelwize app speeds up Self-realization, creates life-transforming habits, and provides the missing pieces - so you can live in a state of bliss.
You applying the knowledge you gain in your Edelwize app is your key to enlightenment. 

#9: Why use the Edelwize App?

Cost 💸 The path to being free of the power negative emotions and experiences hold over you, can cost you a lifetime of trial and error. With Edelwize you can get started with as little as $5 and take your first steps on your journey.  

Ease 🪄✨ Finding all the missing pieces, permanently transforming unresolved emotional baggage, and the freedom to focus on living your true life's purpose has never been easier. Simply download the Edelwize App and start changing your reality.

Training 🤩 Included in the Edelwize Program you'll receive every secret, all the tools, life philosophy, and knowledge derived from doing the alchemy with one-on-one clients over decades of following and applying highest Source wisdom. 

Community 🏔️🧝🦙 Join our Edelwize community of practitioners, reluctant healers, and those who are moving from their day-job to living their true life's purpose, to get exclusive tips and insights on how they've created the reality of their dreams.

#10: Do I get a money-back guarantee?

YES! Use the Edelwize App for a full 30 days. Utilize it to always be connected to your higher Self, so you'll have access to your Super-conscious perception, make the best decisions and solutions, and train your Self how to create your desired reality in the quantum field. You'll discover how to use the left- and right-side brain hemisphere, meet your inner Fe/Male, and gain insight into how to create greater effect with less effort. If at any time during those 30 days you would like a refund, just drop me an email and I'll issue you a full refund. 💃✨ 

#11: What’s the benefit of using the Edelwize App?

Global reach: iOS, Android & Web - Study anytime, anywhere, on any device. 
Even off-grid. 🌎

Interactive Content: Each week you'll get the next video, quiz, transcripts you can print out, live group calls and materials for practice. 💞

Community: Belong to a growing community of like-minded Souls who live from a love based enlightened philosophy and embrace their purpose to create the new Earth. 😁

#12: What makes this training so effective?

The training you'll receive on the Edelwize App is the culmination of everything I ever learned and have been teaching my one-on-one clients for decades. It provides a step-by-step training from day one and each week builds on top of what you practiced the week before. Schedule your FREE Discovery Call below, so you can start living your Blissful Forever life now. 

#13: Can I go at my own pace?

The majority of lessons are designed for you to practice in everyday life. I recommend you schedule the day and time you're going to watch the new video, fill out written exercises, the same way you schedule any important appointment. Ideally, you proceed to the next segment each week. This way, you will have a solid foundation within 3 months, and if you choose to go on to the Full Mastery program, you'll arrive at the top of the mountain in an average of 9 months. Of course you may take longer if you feel you need more time. However: Staying immersed creates faster neural-connectivity.  

#14: Can I go faster or skip lessons?

Each week, you get access to the next segment. Going faster may cause you to skip ahead too quickly and while you may compute the knowledge intellectually, it needs to be integrated and applied by establishing being in the FEELING of what you're practicing. Those who apply what they learn beyond the intellectual surface level and take the time to slow down and connect with their Super-conscious perception and heart brain, will be the first to create amazing effects.

#15: Is the Edelwize App just for Healers? 

Anyone attracted to spirituality, enlightenment, raising awareness, expanding consciousness, living from a place of love, and with a desire to have a positive impact in their own life, and the world they live in, is a healer. If you're reading this, you've been divinely guided to be here, and no matter what kind of background you have, you're a healer and a teacher. As a teacher's teacher, I've had the pleasure to work with healers/teachers in professions and positions that at first glance appear far removed from where you might expect to find people with open minds and hearts, and be surprised by the impact they have, once they fully step into their true power. 🤩

#16: What if I have already read THE BLISSFUL FOREVER METHOD? 

If you’re ready to continue to fast-track your journey to enlightenment and living your Blissful Forever life, schedule your FREE Discovery Call now: