Edelwize App

Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” has promoted the idea that any complex skill takes 10,000 hours to master. Attaining the highest level of consciousness used to require at least 10,000 hours, because the Masters of the past had to discover all the hidden truths and learn which keys work to unlock the secrets that lie behind the many doors. 👳🏽‍♂️✨
As tradition has it, you will get a little bit closer to enlightenment in your entire lifetime. And even if you diligently apply the 10,000-hour rule so you can achieve mastery and arrive at the highest level of consciousness, it will take 90-minutes a day for 20 years... 🙁
...and then you’re told that even if you make this kind of investment, it doesn’t matter, because there is no end... 
What if there’s a way to attain the highest level of consciousness in a much shorter timeframe, and you’ll actually arrive at the top of the mountain within a few months, free of the pain and suffering that has accumulated in the course of your life? Your Edelwize App gives you a guided journey that will get you to mastery much, much faster than the traditional route! 🤩
You were born enlightened!
Here's how you became "unenlightened” and lost sight of the brilliant, powerful Being of light you are in your true Essence: 
Every time your emotional body gets injured, and you lose part of who you truly are, a veil goes up and confusion settles in. Let’s say you’ve lost feeling equally important, boom, a veil goes up and a little fog settles over your life. Then you get robbed of feeling that you measure up, are humiliated, shamed, abandoned – you name it – before you know it, you’re so heavily veiled and surrounded by thick fog, you’re completely lost in the dark. 
Enlightenment – or if you prefer attaining the highest level of consciousness - occurs the minute you have taken down the veils and the fog has dissipated. 

It's like being on top of the mountain, blue skies, the sun shining, looking down on the fog you've wandered around in for so long, and seeing everything clearly for the first time since you’ve been born.  ✨
It’s an amazing place to be and your Edelwize App courses are designed to give you step-by-step guidance, concepts, methods, systems, and formulas that hold the power to remove all the veils, give you a new perspective, an evolved interpretation of ancient wisdom combined with next level insights that when applied, are highly effective and permanently transform all pain and suffering. Yes, each time you remove a veil, a little fog disappears, and before you know it, you’ve escaped feeling disappointed with the results you used to get from traditional training, can stop wasting your resources, and experience a deeply satisfying and blissful life! 💃🕺🏻✨
Ask your Self: 
Am I here because I would like to dedicate my entire life to finding the secrets to mastery on my own...
...or do I know I’m here because I’ve been looking for the answers that speed up the process to mastery? Does my heart hold the desire to gain access to all the secrets with ease, so I can simply apply what has already been proven as a highly effective, direct path to the top of the mountain? 
If you’ve said yes to a much faster process, say YES! right now and get started!