Uplevel Traditions!

Uplevel Traditions!

Albert Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 

When I look around me and the world we live in, a lot of change is needed. There’s the narrow-mindedness of those who stubbornly hold on to traditions that are outdated, those who have difficulty in adapting to new ideas or circumstances, and those who keep important knowledge secret, so that the old order continues. Then there’s those who hold on to their family’s traditional way of handling life’s situations, without questioning the value or consequential results. 🤔

I think and feel that the intelligence Albert Einstein is referring to, is not measured by our traditional way of measuring our IQ. I see it as the intelligence of the ability to discern between the out-of-balance Ego voice and our true Knowing voice. The out-of-balance Ego allows us to know who we are NOT, while our true Knowing is the reflection of who we really are. 🤓

My true Knowing has been urging me to assist in the upgrade of established traditions. My true Knowing has prepared me to embrace new evolved traditions and ideas to promote the passing from one cycle into the next. My true Knowing has given me a thousand opportunities to stay open to new ideas, and hand down the wisdom and knowledge to those who are ready to honor and respect it. It has opened my mind and my heart to examine the traditions of my tribe and discern which ideas or forms of conduct would benefit from an update into a more evolved form of a new tradition. 🥰

What if the measure of intelligence Albert Einstein is talking about, is the ability to discern between the two voices in your head? What if the ability to change is closely related to how well you are connected to your true Knowing voice? 🤯

Who here agrees that we need to update our traditions so we can pass from the old cycle into the new? 🥳

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